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About 4Tracker, Vehicle Tracking, Driver Safety, Compliance and Analytics.

WHAT IS 4Tracker?

4Tracker is a total technology solution for all vehicle tracking, compliance and health and safety requirements. Our solutions drive value into our customer’s business through the intelligent integration of real-time behavioural data-collection technology, analytics and services. The hands-on approach of our knowledgeable team ensures that you and your Managers will have a ‘finger on the pulse’ ability to make intelligent decisions. Our solutions will help you answer important day-to-day questions.
Driver Safety

Whilst it is possible to improve safety through policies and reactive measures, 4Tracker is a proactive methodology designed to get every driver back home safely. We provide a revolutionary real-time safety solution that detects unsafe behaviour before a crash or ticketable offense occurs.

Fleet Tracking

Get idle vehicles moving and save operating costs with proven tools that support performance gains. Managing a productive fleet is all about receiving the right data at the right time and being empowered to take immediate action.

Corporate & Legal Compliance

We provide a digital compliance solution that keeps you updated, compliant and automatically reporting with the latest legal and corporate regulations. Increase productivity and reduce operational costs by eliminating paperwork and streamlining driver training.

Get an industry-leading vehicle management and security system that lets you cut costs, work smarter and drive safer.

Key Features:

  • Fleet & Vehicle Tracking
  • IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System)
  • Driver Performance & Feedback
  • Geo-fence & Zones
  • Vehicle Logbooks
  • Driver Identification
  • Iridium Satellite Tracking
  • Lone Worker Safety

    We are all about Zero Accidents and Zero Injuries. Return home safely after a good day’s work

    Designed with the end user in mind. What you want to know in an instant. To make the best decisions, you need accurate, verifiable and timely information. We achieve this through a seamless integration of class-leading technology, big-data analytics and human-behaviour understanding.

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    In-Car Network Technology
      The 4Tracker driver safety devices are equipped with BlueMESH In-Car Network technology and when function-enabled, allow communications with interdependent systems without the need for hard wiring. Our ange of supported devices continues to grow with our focus firmly on safety related aspects that confront the modern vehicle and driver with a “No Wires” philosophy.
    The solution that grows in scale and scope

    4Tranport optimisation takes the data captured by your fleet assets and presents it in a way that allows you to make the best decisions. Which drivers are performing the best? Which vehicles cost us the least? How many vehicles do we actually need? Our solutions support confident answers to these types of questions.

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